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Ubisoft working on AR game inspired from Pokemon Go

Ubisoft working on AR game inspired from Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO has really made the technology of augmented reality (AR) is shining again, demonstrating the potential and the possibility of applying the technology to games in the future. Previous VR has become the more popular choice, but the success of Pokemon GO can be put AR as a potential alternative. One who is interested in creating AR game is Ubisoft.

The fact that makes Ubisoft seems to be quite impressed with the success of Pokemon GO. The revelation was made by the CEO Yves Guillemot on earnings calls ssi bar recently. So much impressed that he also said that Ubisoft is working on AR games.

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However Guillemot stressed that the game is not the same as Pokemon besutannya GO, but still take advantage of augmented reality technology. One again, the game will not be released in the near future.

But still the question is, whether the popularity of Pokemon GO only because of the novelty of the technology, and whether it can survive much longer? What is clear Nintendo is currently enjoying success


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