Remote Control Xiaomi MI5

Remote Control Feature on Xiaomi MI5

Remote Control Feature on Xiaomi MI5

Xiaomi MI5 has one feature that is very useful remote control for users. This feature relies on an infrared connection that the sensor is on the side of the body Xiaomi MI5.
For your owner Xiaomi MI5 and want to try out the features of this remote control, can adjust a bit.
1. Prepare your smartphone Xiaomi MI5, and make sure the data connection on the phone is active and can be used for internet access.
2. Go to the main menu, select the folder ‘Tools’
remote control set1

3. Here, you will find some application or Xiaomi features, including a remote control feature. Select Mi Remote.
remote control set2
4. Then tap ‘Add Remote’. By default, this feature will be connected to the server Xiaomi to be able to bring up the options compatible electronic devices.
remote control set3
5. Select a device, such as a TV.
remote control set4
6. Next, select the appropriate brand you use.
remote control set5
7. Point the infrared sensor Xiaomi MI5 to an electronic device, and press the power button icon that appears in the interface Mi Remote to see the response in each profile.
remote control set6
8. If the profile does not fit you can choose another remote profile until there is a response from the electronic device.
9. If the selected remote profile can turn on electronic devices (TV), and can keep it. Tap ‘Yes’.
remote control set7
10. You can also test some additional functionality of an electronic device connected as audio mute, open the menu and so on.
remote control set8
11. After everything is okay, you can save the settings of the remote control and give it a name that suits your needs.
12. Tap ‘paired’ to bring up the remote control interface suitable electronic device is connected.
remote control set9
13. You also can use Xiaomi MI5 to control other consumer electronic devices.

good luck

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