Play Pokemon Go Early Stage

Play Pokemon Go Early Stage

Pokemon Go was launched in several countries. Although including new games, game-based augmented-reality this is stealing the attention of netizens.

This was reflected in the many chats and jokes on various social media timeline.

Many players are already establishing a position in the top level, not a few who are still confused by the procedures playing Pokemon Go. Some terminology such as Pokestop, Pokeball, Gym, and Candy was still questionable.

This time, Otoclash will briefly provide the basic steps to play Pokemon Go and terms in the game.

Before play Pokemon Go, players must download a version of Pokemon Ball on the Android APK. For the version of iOS, users can create an account App Store United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

This link download APK Pokemon Go

Click Here!
Click Here!

Then the player will be given the option to sign up via your Google account or Pokemon Trainer Club.

After all the registration process is completed, the player described as trainers, players are free to modify the appearance trainer, ranging from hair color, skin color, and even clothing.

The task of the player or trainer is to collect and train Pokemon that many are on the streets. Now, let’s start step.

First Pokemon

To play Pokemon Go, at first, players will be given the opportunity to catch the first Pokemon wherever the players are. It might be the first Pokemon Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, even the belle of Pikachu.


The first Pokemon captured using red and white Pokeball. Pokeball directed to Pokemon, then shoot to the Pokemon. On the screen, Pokemon seemed to be right in front of the player. If the shot is right, Pokemon will be entered into Pokeball and will be owned by the players.

Hunting Pokemon and other items

Do not be satisfied with only one Pokemon. Players can collect as many types of Pokemon by moving the place.

item-pokemon-go pokemon

Because, the Pokemon monsters made as if to hide in certain locations in our real world. Players had to run to and fro in the real world to find them in the game.

When the location of the player is close to Pokemon players, the game will provide specific radar in the form of icons floating foliage.

Play Pokemon Go, players must run fast toward the radar. If not, the Pokemon who were near escape.

The location on the smartphone screen according to the location of players in real life. It is possible to synchronize the smartphone with apps geolocation Pokemon Go.

Pokestop, Pokeball, and Candy

Some points are described as blue box is Pokestop. The point that needs to be visited to collect more items.

Pokeball and Candy are two items that could be found at that point. Pokeball serve as the container of Pokemon to be captured. Meanwhile, Candy serves to increase the strength of Pokemon.

Level 5

Play Pokemon Go in level 1 to level 4, can be described as an introductory stage and adaptation. Players will be familiarized with the basic activity of the mobile game.

The stage is better will be felt upon entering level 5. Players can join a team when signing that level.


The trick is to get into the gym which is described as a tall tower clad in gold and silver on a map of the application interface. There players will be offered to enter into certain teams.

At this level, players can also test the Power of Pokemon with Pokemon from other teams.

If the players get into the gym with different colors of the team owned (red, yellow, or blue), the player must fight there. Players must win the battle for added strength.

At this stage, players can also put a Pokemon in Gym and claim it as a team. After level 5, players will be more exciting than ever. Can not wait to play Pokemon Go, immediately play the game and be the hero Pokemon Go

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