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New Motorcycle Honda Ready to Roll on Monday (7/25/2016)

New Motorcycle Honda Ready to Roll on Monday (7/25/2016)

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) is planning to launch a new motorcycle will be on Monday tomorrow, (07/25/2016). According to information obtained, the new motorcycle Honda to be launched was the Honda CBR250RR.

Responding to the news spread, Deputy Head of Corporate Communication AHM Muhibbuddin Ahmad, pleaded not able to speak much about the products that will be launched later.

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“Until this moment I can not speak to what honda motorcycle models that will be launched, I do not know,” Said Ahmad Muhibbudin.

When simply asked any type of bike, Mr. Muhib reluctant to talk about it. Said Mr. Muhib, the new bike will be good.

Continued Mr. Muhib also said, “Yes to Monday just wait what will be launched. I can not talk much, just wait Monday, I know their products really Top.”

However, chances are, a new motorcycle AHM is CBR250RR. The forecasts are based AHM has just released a teaser video of the CBR250RR sport motorcycle.

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