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Live Streaming Euro 2016 With Kodi App

Live Streaming Euro 2016 With Kodi App

Euro 2016 fever is still high, to all of you who could not watch directly on TV you can use your smartphone.
You do not need to use internet browsing, but this time we will provide information on live streaming euro 2016, with the android app named KODI.

Step 1-10

1. Prepare Your Smartphone
2. Download the application KODI here (download link) or Direct Link
3. Install KODI on your smartphone.

4. Open your KODI applications.
5. Next we need to do some settings before using
6. First we go to the menu ‘SYSTEM‘ and select the sub menu ‘File Manager
7. Then select ‘Add Source
8. Next enter the URL http://fusion.tvaddons.ag then we click DONE
9. Next we give the name to the above URL with the name of FUSION then click DONE
10. Back to HOME

Step 11-20

11. Still on the Menu ‘SYSTEM‘ then we select the sub menu ‘Settings‘.
12. Next we select ‘Add-ons
13. Next we select ‘Install from zip file
14. Choose the file Fusion
15. Then select the top namely ‘Start-here
16. Then we install the plugin the first: Plugin.program.addoninstaller-1.2.9.zip
17. Wait until the install successfully, namely the description below: Add-on enabled
18. Then we install the plugin are: Plugin.video.hubwizard-1.2.0.zip
19. Wait until the install successfully, namely the description below: Add-on enabled
20. Back to HOME

Step 21-30

21. Next we turn to the Menu ‘PROGRAMS
22. Next select ‘Program add-ons
23. First we install the ‘Addon Installer‘.
24. Next we install ‘Config Wizard
25. Choose according to the device you are using, this example I use Android
26. Wait for the download wizard to succeed.
27. It will appear on the menu ‘VIDEOS‘ some of the add-on TV
28. To watch the EURO 2016 please select Add-ons ‘PHOENIX
29. Choose the Phoenix Sports
30. Then choose the EURO 2016 Channel

If the there are any questions please do not hesitate to ask in the comment field
good luck

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