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Hackers Pokemon Go game server was down

Hackers Pokemon Go game server was down

As a game that has now managed to reach a very high level of popularity in the world, Pokemon Go won a lot of players. A large number of these players, become a “magnet” for the hacker or hackers who target the game Pokemon Go.

A hackers group called OurMine, could make a Pokemon game developers scrambling Go and make this game “down” a few hours on Sunday (17/7). Not a few players of this game are protesting and complaining down of the game Pokemon Go is when they login to start the game. Reportedly, when the server Pokemon Go extinguished.

OurMine targeting server Pokemon Go to the attack Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). This attack is used when you want to reach the server, and they succeeded in their aim. Considering that this game requires constant access to the server for each player to login, and then the game will not be played effectively after closing the player.

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“No one will be able to play this game until the developer Pokemon Go contact us at our website to teach them how to protect their game this!” OurMine group wrote in a public posting on their site. The hacker group also called Niantic Labs and Nintendo as a game developer Pokemon Go to contact them if you want the attack to be stopped.

When the incident took place that Sunday (17/7) Pokemon Go turn launched in Canada but the server is still “under siege”, and most of the users in Canada who want to install the game are still forced to wait for the server Pokemon Go recovered.

Now the game server has been restored to normal, and each player can log in and play smoothly.

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