cheating crew marquez

Cheating crew Marquez in MotoGP series Germany

Cheating crew Marquez in MotoGP series Germany

Ninth MotoGP series that takes place at the Sachsenring circuit took place in a state flag to flag. One of the rebound for most of the audience is a strange action crew Marc Marquez is considered cheating at the turn of the vehicle.

From the video footage Marquez crew pull the clutch lever at the turn of the vehicle, this could mean the motorcycle is ready in case of 1st gear, so that the coupling must remain in custody so that the motorcycle is not moving.

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Supervisors also racing mengerangkan that if the gears went in at the turn of the motorcycle, it is action that is avoided because it could endanger the crew in front of him and also others around.

These actions fall into the category of the race with no responsibility. And what about the crew conducted Marquez? Is this action violates the rules?

According to observers of the MotoGP MotoMatters, David Emmet, motorcycle Marquez is not in a state of 1st gear at the turn of the bike, this information he got from racing supervisor, Mike Webb who checked the telemetry data RC213V Marquez.

Cheating gp german

If the crew did not act fraudulently marquez, why bother Marquez crew hold the clutch lever until Marquez held his own.

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