ASUS ROG GL552VX Core-i7 Gaming Notebook affordable prices

ASUS ROG GL552VX Core-i7

Good news for gamers. ASUS presents the latest gaming notebook product line ROG (Republic Of Gamers) hers namely ASUS ROG GL552VX. This notebook is equipped with a series of cutting-edge specifications, which is believed to be more slick than its predecessor.


ASUS ROG series designed together GL552VX Intel Core processors 6th generation processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX950 latest 4GB DDR5. Two components that claimed to guarantee gamers to get the gaming experience more comfortable. Not only that, this notebook ROG offers the ease of upgrade. Simply by opening the bottom panel, the user can flexibly configure notebook capabilities. You can install a combination of SSD and HDD for data transfer faster while extra capacity relief, or use a configuration of two SSD drives for maximum performance. DDR4 RAM capacity of 4GB or 8GB which can also be upgraded up to 32GB.

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i7-6700HQ Intel processors in notebook ASUS ROG GL552VX mentioned have qualified speeds to support high performance. Quad core processor 64-bit technology has 6MB cache and hyperthreading features, which are able to make the processor work has like octa core.

To further improve performance, the ASUS ROG GL552VX equipped with a backlit keyboard, which will emit a red color to add to the atmosphere of gaming increasingly felt. Including ASUS ROG logo will also emit light when the notebook is being actively used. Making it easier for gamers when playing indoors with poor lighting conditions.


This gaming notebook screen also supports full HD resolution (1080p). That is, the eyes of gamers will be spoiled with the quality of the screen, which is certainly better to display the details of content in the game to be maximal.

On a keyboard that has a travel distance of 1.8 mm are available, ASUS adds a special mark on the button A. Although it looks simple, but it would be very easy for users when they are busy fighting and using the WASD keys in the atmosphere of the room is dim.


ASUS ROG gaming notebook GL552VX sale with prices starting in $1,016. What is your opinion of all, interested in buying it.

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