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Argo Dwipangga train route from solo to Jakarta clean and comfortable

Argo Dwipangga train route from solo to Jakarta clean and comfortable

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Enjoy the ride was one of the factors forget the tired traveler. Talk journey I want to share my experience using the train Argo Dwipangga.

For me it is already common travel pass away with a very solid hours. Although sometimes I choose a fast means of transportation such as using aircraft but when saturated I also wanted to take the train. Granted this is not the first time experience a train ride for sure, but this time I made captivated by service PT. KAI through a train after which Argo Dwipangga.

Argo Dwipangga train I was riding was a train that has a route from Jakarta to Solo commute, ie precisely Jakarta Gambir station to station Solo Balapan. Stations which passed Argo Dwipangga namely: Solo BalapanĀ  – Klaten – Yogyakarta – Kemranjen – Purwokerto – Prupuk – Cirebon – Jatinegara – Gambir.

Argo Dwipangga train interior

Argo Dwipangga train lighting

My first experience using Argo Dwipangga already made spellbound from the timeliness of arrival and departure, other than that of the interior is very indulgent of my passengers no exception. Toilets are usually my judgment is also not gone unnoticed, and the results I was amazed with the toilet is clean and fragrant.

Argo Dwipangga train features

Argo Dwipangga Train safety

Ticket Price

Argo Dwipangga ticket price for purposes like my Solo to Jakarta is IDR 225.000.

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